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Sigfrid Karg-Elert, 1877-1933, was an important German composer of the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.

The Karg-Elert Archive was originally founded in 1987 with the objective of encouraging the performance, recording and publication of the composer’s music. Growing in appreciation by a widening circle of performers and discriminating audiences; it represents a peak of late Romantic music in its emotional intensity, variety of styles and imaginative use of resources, both instrumental and vocal.

The Karg-Elert Archive

Founded in 1987 as the Karg-Elert Society. The Archive is based in England.


Prof Graham Barber

(Professor Emeritus, Leeds University, and Organist of
St Bartholomew’s

Church, Armley, Leeds)


Dr Martin Neary

(Late President, Royal College of Organists)

Anthony Caldicott

Membership Secretary
Richard Walker

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Patrons of the Archive  David Hill (BBC); John Scott Whiteley (Assist. Organist, York Minster); Dr Harry Bramma (Former Organist, Southwark Cathedral, London); Simon Lindley (Leeds Parish Church and Leeds City Organist, Yorkshire); John Scott (Organist, St Thomas’ Church, Fifth Avenue, New York, USA)
Richard Walker (Former Director of Music, Harrow School, Greater London); Nicolas Kynaston (Concert Organist, London)

Honorary Members  Prof Wolfgang Stockmeier; Heinrich Schwaab; Prof Stefan Engels; Dr Harold Fabrikant; Staffan Thuringer; Terry Truman; Elke Völker

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Marko Heese; Richard Crane; Frank Conley

Foundation Member  Dr Brian Parsons  Corporate Membership  The Royal College of Music, London; Göteborg Organ Art Center, Sweden

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MAY 2017

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2

Sigfrid Karg-Elert is featured in two concerts with music from Wagner operas, Jugendstil gems, for both organ and piano.

11.00 Archive Society Meeting
Members of the former British Karg-Elert Archive (also open to visitors)

12.00 A Lecture by Graham Barber
The Karg-Elert Society and Archive, 1987 to 2015,
A Retrospective View

13.00 Lunch
This will he held in the building and has been organized by the church.
NOTE: There is a charge of £5 per person.

14.00 Duet Concert of piano and organ music
‘Salon music from the heart of German Romanticism’
Performers: Ourania Gassiou and Eleni Keventsidou
Music by Karg-Elert, Wagner, Kienzl u.a.

15.00 Tea Break (no charge)

16.00 Organ Recital
 ‘The Anglo-Saxon Karg-Elert’
Organist: Stefan Engels
will play
Homage to Handel, Tryptich, Nearer my God to Thee, Kaleidoscope.

17.00 Buffet
To be held in the church facilities at no charge to visitors.

It is with sadness that the death is announced of the chairman and co-founder of the Archive, Anthony Caldicott. He died on 9 June 2015.

The funeral took place at St Stephen’s Church in Hounslow followed by burial at Teddington Cemetery. The tribute given at his funeral by the Revd Canon David Nason can be read here

An announcement about the future of the Archive will be made in due course.

Brian Parsons

Co-founder and executor

Chairman of the Archive, Anthony Caldicott  (1931-2015)

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